About HSBC x JA Company Programme


The programme is the largest of its kind in Hong Kong that supports secondary school students’ development through hands-on entrepreneurial experiences and well-rounded and up-to-date learning, to prepare the next generation for the new economy and future of work.

Since October last year, under the guidance of volunteer business advisors, over 1,800 student entrepreneurs have coped with different challenges and brought their innovative ideas to life. Their dreams have come true with their products officially launched in this “Innovation Pop-up”. Let’s show our support!

Student Takeaways

A JA Company from Po Leung Kuk Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College, 2022/23

“The programme was a valuable experience for us to ensure our career path and it allowed us to better understand how a business is ran which is useful for our  future career.”

來自保良局李城璧中學的JA學生公司, 2022/23


A JA Company from Delia Memorial School (Glee Path), 2022/23

“The program was eye-opening for us as it helped us realize how many people are striving to be an entrepreneur in the future and how their thinking set them apart from each other.”


來自香港管理專業協會羅桂祥中學的JA學生公司, 2022/23