A04 – Believe, HKTA Lee Heng Kwei Secondary School


This pattern shows a dolphin, a fascinating marine animal that belongs to the order. Cetacea and is widely considered to represent wisdom and customs. Dolphins display amazing swimming skills and elegant movements in the ocean, and therefore, they are loved and paid attention to by people. However, dolphins also face some challenges and threats. Human activities, such as overfishing, ocean pollution and loss of habitat, threaten the survival of dolphins. Therefore, it is crucial to bring public attention to efforts to protect dolphins and their habitat. Only when more people realize the importance of protecting dolphins and their habitats, and actively participate in related conservation work, can we jointly protect these fascinating marine creatures and their habitats. I hope we can widely arouse public interest in protecting dolphins. and their habitat concerns.

The carpet pattern shows a cartoon-like golden monkey, also known as the snub-nosed monkey, which is an animal of the genus. Thumb-nosed monkey in the family Primaidae. They are one of the precious and rare species on earth. However, due to habitat deforestation and over-hunting, the survival status of golden monkeys has become precarious. This situation reminds us that protecting the environment and endangered animals is crucial. The importance of protecting the environment is self-evident. Our forests are an important part of the planet’s ecosystems, providing rich biodiversity and ecological balance. However, excessive deforestation has destroyed the habitat of golden monkeys and deprived them of their living environment. Protecting forests and habitats not only protects the precious species of golden monkeys, but also maintains the stability and health of the entire ecosystem. By protecting the environment and endangered animals, we can achieve ecological balance and protect the planet’s precious biodiversity. Let us work together to create a better future for golden monkeys and other endangered species.