A10 – SouLink, Po Leung Kuk Lo Kit Sing (1983) College


In order to enhance people’s connection and build an inclusive society, SouLink has launched an exciting and enjoyable board game set. Our products are: a dual-purpose NFC poker card deck, four A4 animal ninja folders, an openable A4 map folder, four animal ninja acrylic stands, and mini-gratitude cards.

“Animal Ninja Guardian”:
It is a NFC poker deck that allows users to scan the NFC stickers on the card to participate in animal ninja village adventure at any time and protect the village’s treasures from being stolen.

Plastic A4 Folder (two types):
For the four animal ninja A4 folders printed with our animal ninjas, its front side is our animal ninja with motivation quotes, and the back side is the animal ninja family.

For openable A4 folders, it is a map in the Animal Ninja Village to play with our acrylic stands.

Acrylic animal ninja stand:
Four lovely animal ninja presents in different postures, with the length of an index finger, these can be used as chess in the openable A4 folder.

Mini-gratitude cards:
Being half a palm-sized, mini-gratitude card is designed for the card holder and wallet to store your gratitude words with loved ones. It has up to ten designs to choose from.