A14 – Flower Stockings, St. Francis Xavier’s School, Tsuen Wan


The flower stocking flowers are made using high end grade cotton stockings. These stocking can come in a variety of colours and suit the needs of the customers. By using these unwanted socks by factories to create stocking flowers we hope it will interest consumers in buying them ,thereby reducing stocking waste and offer them new life. These stocking flowers can be used for decoration or unraveled and used as ordinary socks, meaning it has a dual purpose as both decoration and clothing. This can therefore reduce land wastes and prevent usable sock from reaching land fills.Theses beautiful flower stockings can be used to serve multiple purposes such as housewarming gifts, Christmas presents or Valentine’s Day flowers. These stocking flowers comes in 2 types. The first type comes in the form of a bouquet,perfect for Valentine’s Day or as a house warming gift. The second type comes in a box, perfect to give as a Christmas present. In addition the beautiful presentation of the box gives a sense of luxury ,this allows it to be a good gift for any occasion.