A02 – Anima, Diocesan Boys’ School


Our design revolves around Anima’s message — a mind at ease. Coupling the abstract human face with a background of white flowers, we take a spin on different symbols of relief to express our search for serenity. Our laptop bags magnify Anima’s message, hoping that users can discover their form of solace. Available for sizes of 14 inch laptops.

A tool for reflection, an instrument for inspiration, and most importantly, an aid to calm your mind. The Cards of Reflections contain ideas that allow you to slow down and think about the fragments of your daily life. Hong Kong’s bustling culture causes people to forget about the importance of wind-down time, and we hope that this product can ease your stress. Each set contains 35 unique prompts — we recommend you to record your responses to witness your daily growth.

We believe that everyone deserves a mind at ease. With our sculpted sunflower design and unique quotes, Anima’s keychains serve as a totem of positive energy. Under Hong Kong’s stressful lifestyles, our minimalist designs extend Anima’s mission to fuel your passion.

Should you wish to purchase the products, please visit our website at https://animadbs.shoplineapp.com/ and check out our Instagram @anima.dbsja!