A03 – Snoozio, DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School


Meet our main product—-枕麼辦, combining a pillow and a blanket into one, featuring our mascot ‘SheepDuckHo’! Customers can bring this product to the office or school and take a nap during their free time, restoring energy and regain daily rhythm~💪🏻

Product Includes:
1. Hand warmer pillow (22cm*24.6cm*10cm)
2. Blanket (80cm*100cm)

//Our company•°

Hello, we are Snoozio!

In vision of improving everyone’s sleeping quality in order to enhance both physical and mental health of all humans, we hopes to insist you on catching up some nice snooze during the hectic schedules, thus exploring your own pace of life, and be a true guardian of your own body to maintain health.

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