A06 – Pieceful, Victoria Shanghai Academy


In the post-COVID-19 era, where children’s social and conflict resolution skills have waned, “Jimmy and Jody’s Peaceful Adventures”emerges as a human-centered educational tool. This bilingual pop-up book, shaped with insights from our school’s students and teachers, targets peace education, critical amidst global conflicts.

Featuring bilingual narratives in English and Chinese with pinyin, it encourages clear communication, crucial for resolving disputes and rebuilding social skills diminished by the pandemic. Interactive cutouts involve children in direct peace-building activities, ensuring the principles of conflict resolution are both learned and retained.

A QR code within the book connects to a digital platform, granting access to extended content that includes complex conflict resolutions, supporting teachers and students in further exploration. The book’s format, a generous 29.7 x 42.0 cm when open, ensures a captivating display while our environmentally conscious approach significantly reduces plastic use. Priced at $250, reflecting our commitment to both educational value and environmental responsibility.

Our storybook transcends mere reading; it is a carefully crafted educational tool that empowers young learners to navigate social interactions and foster peace with empathy and understanding in a world readjusting to post-pandemic realities.