A16 – Alentar, International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School


Players: 3-8 people
Suitable for: Aged 10 or above
Packaging:Rigid greyboard telescopic box (145*110*70mm)
Components: 100 high pine paper cards (63*89mm), 1 coated paper instruction manual (354*254mm)

“Gotcha” is a fast-paced party game where players will take turns being the Host and describe their Situation card. When it’s another person’s turn, players should play the most suitable Response card from their hand to care for the host and gain points, all while laughing non-stop!

We hope to bring out empathetic communication using our game,putting ourselves in others’ shoes, and responding to their needs with empathy. Through the course of playing the game,we hope that people can gain a better understanding of empathetic communication and apply it to daily life. Therefore, it is effective to reduce the problems caused by saying the wrong thing,and thus promote relationships between people.