B25 – Leinitee, Delia Memorial School (Glee Path)


Hong Kong life collection!

Our product not only does our range consist of one clothing, but three. Our products’ premise and key feature is that it aims to educate the public on Hong Kong living. Our design was inspired by the spirit of Hong Kong’s existence, and our aim is to depict Hong Kong’s iconic landmarks, such as transport and everyday scenes that represent the city’s vibrancy and energy. Design shirt number one features Hong Kong’s most popular street food. Hong Kong is well-known for its tasty street cuisine and delicacies. Design number two includes Hong Kong’s festival, as well as its most well-known landmarks and activities. Shirt design number three incorporates Hong Kong transportation. Each design has a message that represents life in Hong Kong. Our team offers a different variation of shirts. We have three designs: two black and one white. Our products come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each shirt has its own unique embroidery. Each shirt cost $100. To keep the quality of the clothes, do not use bleach on the shirt, otherwise, the color and quality can be ruined. You can either dry wash or dry clean it. The package will be plain clear plastic paper.