A27 – KongHood, Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary School


I’m honoured to introduce Konghood’s latest products to you! First up, our Pineapple Bun and Sausage Bun cushion, which is combining traditional bakery favorites with adorable elements. The Pineapple Bun is not only practical but also a true classic. As for the Sausage Bun, it‘s not just a cutie cushion but also doubles as a hand warmer when you pull out the sausage and put your hand in it! It’s our cushion’s special feature, and also an unexpected experience!

Length of Sausage Bun: 39 cm
Sausage Length: 45 cm
Pineapple Bun Diameter: 30 cm

In our keyring collection, we offer Sausage Bun, Pineapple Bun, Egg Tart, Cake Bun, Coconut Cream Bun, and also Cocktail Bun. Each keyring is meticulously designed to capture the traditional charm and sharpness of Hong Kong. Carry these keyrings with you and show the Hong Kong‘s cultural heritage!

Size of each keychain: approximately 7 cm.

Last but not least, do you remember the culture of the ”Cat Manager“ in Hong Kong? Chill down! of course we’re not selling cats, besides that, we do sell adorable cat-themed shirts! These shirts feature an adorable cat surrounded by bread, capturing the heartwarming memories. Available in various sizes, it‘s the perfect gift for your furry friends!

Whether you value Hong Kong’s cultural heritage or are searching for a unique gift, our products cater to your needs. Join us in promoting Hong Kong‘s traditional culture through our merchandise! Embrace the nostalgia with Hong Kong Foodies!