A09 – Pressureless, Ying Wa College

Our notebook transcends the ordinary, boasting a luxurious brown leather cover adorned with our company slogan, embodying both elegance and functionality. Compact in size at 148mm x 212mm, it slips effortlessly into your bag, ensuring your ideas are captured on-the-go. Inside, 360 lined pages of wood-free uncoated paper await, providing a smear-free writing surface with our company logo subtly placed on each page. The intricate design allows the notebook to open flat, complemented by an embedded ribbon bookmark, facilitating seamless navigation through its pages. This premium notebook not only organizes your thoughts but also serves as a motivational companion, reminding you of our collective journey.

Crafted to endure daily rigors, our pencil case is a guardian for your cherished stationery. Its waterproof design safeguards your tools, while the smooth material offers a tactile delight. Measuring 20cm x 10cm, its sea-inspired color scheme evokes tranquility amidst life’s hustle. Easily maintain its pristine appearance with a simple wipe-down, as the company slogan emboldens you to tackle challenges head-on.

For those seeking innovation, our plantable pencil revolutionizes writing instruments. Engraved with our company name, this pencil transcends its function, embedding a seed atop its 185mm x 6mm incense cedar wood body. Crafted for superior writing experience, its graphite core ensures consistent, smooth lines, enhancing creativity. Embrace its dual purpose—writing and nurturing—as you cultivate greenery, alleviating stress and contributing to environmental conservation.