A12 – Slowmody.hk, Tak Nga Secondary School


1. Portable Cup Sleeves (5 designs)

– Features lively yellow and white stripes, with the focal point being iconic Hong Kong local delicacies like dim sum, milk tea, egg tart, and pineapple bun. To add a playful element, our cat mascot is also included.

– Captures the lively busking culture of Hong Kong. A whimsical cat can be seen strumming a guitar, inviting people to pause and enjoy the music, fully experience the cultural flavours of Hong Kong.

– Celebrates the diverse food culture of Hong Kong. Along with the mentioned favourites, Shumai (steamed dumplings) and French toast, emphasising the significance of preserving Hong Kong’s culinary heritage.

– In a playful twist, the butter on the French toast is replaced with a cat’s paw delicately drizzling honey syrup. Adding a touch to the traditional treat. This encompasses two main themes: Hong Kong culture and our cat mascot. Together, symbolise the essence of our concept— embracing a slower-paced, more mindful lifestyle.

2. Table lamps:

– designs including types of sentences related to Hong Kong Cantonese culture.

3. Files (2 designs):

– designs related to Hong Kong’s famous neon lights and the famous airport in Kai Tak.

4. Notebooks (2 designs):

– Initial design: features a cat alongside a cup of milk tea, a symbol of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage. The cat is the mascot for our brand, ‘SlowMody,’ embodying our values of embracing a slower-paced lifestyle.

– Second design: features the Alexandra Building 1909, the 1st generation of the Alexandra House and one of the historical buildings in Hong Kong.

5. Stickers:

– designs revolve around our adorable mascot, a little cat. A special Chinese New Year version that resonate with the Chinese New Year vibe is offered.

6. Pens:

– included a phrase to remind us to let go of the frustration and enjoy the present moment.