A32 – Gag5Get, Open Track Team 3


Do you find it challenging to communicate with your older family members at home? Are most of your conversations centered around your grandparents or parents urging you to put your phone down? In a world where digital communication often overshadows traditional values and customs, Gag 5 Get is a refreshing card game that brings generations together while preserving the richness of Chinese heritage.

Our innovative card game features a captivating collection of pictures and icons that promotes intergenerational dialogue and cultural exchange. Through engaging gameplay, players can learn contemporary slangs from younger participants, while elders have the opportunity to share their stories and wisdom, offering a glimpse into the depth of Chinese culture.

Get your hands on Gag 5 Get today and play it with your loved ones or loved ones to be! We hope our card game can improve your relationship with your family and foster new relationships on the way!