B09 – Fution , Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of MFBM


Our company, “Fution,” produces a card game that is full of Hong Kong characteristics. By depicting the features of Hong Kong, such as its culture and slang, in the card game, we aim to bridge the generation gap between the elderly and the younger generation.

Our mission involves two concepts:
1. Fusion of generations:
Through the game, we encourage more communication between young people and the elderly, fostering stronger relationships and bringing them closer together. It also allows the elderly to become familiar with contemporary culture.

2. Future cultural inheritance:
The content of the game cards includes various aspects of both old and new Hong Kong culture. The elderly can share stories of their lives in the 70s and 80s through these cards, thereby passing down Hong Kong culture in the form of oral history.

1. The cards in our product are designed by our company, and they are filled with Hong Kong characteristics. The back of the cards features our company logo, expressing our mission.

2. Upon learning that “picking bamboo sticks” was a childhood game for the elderly, we included it in our product and preserved its gameplay. We hope to introduce this game to young people and pass it down to future generations.

If you wish to purchase our product, you can place an order by following our Instagram account @fution_520.