B13 – Zester, Island School


“Congratulations…earthlings. We are an alien race called Zester, and your earth is now OURS! Why? Because you stupid humans are destroying it! Thanks to you, the weather sucks, so we’ll have to fix Earth through one of you puny humans. And guess what? You and your friends have all been selected as the final candidates for this prestigious role. But…there can only be ONE Chief Zester.”

Have you really never heard of Zester? It’s a party card game that educates people on the seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs), global goals from the United Nations aimed at making the world a better place. In Zester, you and your friends draw prompts with theoretical SDG-related (and frankly, crazy) problems, and compete to present the best solution. But wait..there’s a twist. You must act as a randomly drawn role like “scientist”, “influencer” or “minibus driver” and act as them while playing.

Zester is appropriate for ages 8+, and highly recommended for groups of more than four people for the best immersion and most screaming. Play with your relatives, MTR buddies, even with your entire class. Whether you want to expand your knowledge on SDGs, improve your impromptu communication skills, think of crazy ideas, or heck, just have some fun, Zester is the game for you. So hurry up…the Zester doesn’t wait.