B15 – Gong2Waan4Bro, TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College


Limited Edition Schedule Book – 【Schedule BRO】

What’s special about Schedule BRO? And how does it represent the vision of Gong2Waan4Bro?

1️⃣Gong – Hong Kong Culture🇭🇰
Schedule BRO is a product featuring our unique local culture:
🎨Illustrations designed by local designers
🖋️Feature articles about our culture, written by local writers
📸Photo gallery with photos of Hong Kong’s icons, taken by local photographers
Schedule BRO contains 15 months (2024 Jan – 2025 Mar), each single one of them featuring Hong Kong icons which is Hong Kongers’ collective memory. We aim to revivify Hong Kong’s local culture, which is the core aim of our product.

WaanBro – Environmental Protection♻️
💡Calendar – Environmental Awareness Days
Our schedule book’s calendar records many environmental awareness days, and also notes their meaning and importance, reminding everyone to contribute to sustainable development and to live an environmentally friendly life.
🌱Plantable seed paper – Reusable paper can grow plants too!
The name is self explanatory, meaning that paper contains seeds. Once you pour water onto them, they will grow into plants after a while. The paper is biodegradable, and we have a page of plantable seed paper, hoping that with this innovation we can give our schedule book a new meaning, and manifest Gong2Waan4Bro’s spirit.

In this hectic city, we hope that by taking small steps, we can plant a seed of environmental awareness into customers’ minds, one customer at a time. We aim to support more concepts of incorporating eco-friendliness into our lives, and further developing the concept of our slogan, “Supporting the Environment through Action♻️”.