B20 – Our Home Kong , Po Leung Kuk No.1 W.H. Cheung College


1. Schedule Book
Material: Soft leather (with transparent book cover)

Contents: Monthly planner, weekly planner, weekly tasks, to-do list, little joys, mood records, memos, etc.

Page count: 78 pages (can be used for 13 months)

Introduction: Our schedule book integrates elements of Hong Kong local culture, self-designed mascots, and exquisite illustrations of Hong Kong specialties such as food, transportation, and architecture, etc.

2. Sticker
Material: Washi paper/ transparent PVC

Introduction: There are two versions of stickers, namely Hong Kong culture version and emoji version. The Hong Kong culture version includes stickers of Hong Kong’s unique road signs, buildings and food, etc. The emoji version features stickers of our mascots with different expressions and decorative stickers which can make your schedule book stand out! We hope that these small stickers can bring you great comfort.

3. Airpods Case
Models: Compatible with Airpods Pro and AirPods 3

Introduction: The classic red and blue colour brings out the local idiom “Take a break when feeling tired”. The airpods case not only highlights local culture but also reminds users to take timely breaks in their busy lives.

4. Sticker Photo
Introduction: To record the little, joyful moments in our life. We have designed several photo frame templates featuring our mascots and Hong Kong local culture. We will provide photography services to capture the present moment for our customers. It is an ideal way for them to preserve precious memories and share wonderful moments.