B28 – Featherapy , Ho Fung College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)


Featherapy aims to provide channels for Hong Kongers to deal with their negative emotions and hence improve the overall happiness index. Here are the products designed by us:

Schedule book (set)
In the schedule book, our main character “Blue” and the white cat will take you on a tour of the art museum, where you can learn from the works of twelve artists and relieve psychological stress. Each month is accompanied by a themed task related to mental health.

Size: A5 (14.85×21 cm)

Other: 13 Mission & Special cards

Bedside lamp (with sticky notes and stickers)
Customers can write down negative events that have caused them emotional distress on the provided red sticky notes. They can then use the lamp as a “tree hole” and place the red sticky notes inside the lamp. The lamp’s red light intensity will reflect their recent psychological state, serving as a reminder to pay attention to their mental health and work towards improving their emotional well-being.

Size: 8×8×9.5 cm

Customers can use stickers on their schedule books and bedside lamps to create their unique products.

Masking Tape (MT)
The masking tape is also themed around the original character, “Blue”.

If you want to know the story of our characters, “Blue” and the white cat, please follow us on Instagram @featherapy._.jacp to learn more!