B22 – KHxHK, SKH Kei Hau Secondary School


We’ve produced two kinds of merchandise, a set of mystery box keychains and a mini bag specialised for your water bottle.

Our product ideas come from the recent tragic incidents that occurred due to incapable stress in Hong Kong. Therefore, we hope to deliver a more relaxing and humorous atmosphere to everyone in this city, and that all of us could live positively everyday.

We used cats as our mascot because it represents leisure and has the ability to stay unaffected in the surrounding environment. Its unrestrained way of living is surely what we have to learn from. As for the keychains and mini water bottle bags, they’re ordinary but useful. We hope that you would be delighted and relieved when you see the adorable cats on our products, and know that there’s nothing that could trouble you. Seeing so, we would be in joy as well!