B01 – Natura, Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School


Our company, Natura aims to break the stereotype of Hong Kong as a “concrete jungle”. Therefore, we hope to incorporate Hong Kong’s native and common species into the daily lives of Hong Kong citizens to promote Hong Kong’s rich biodiversity and the importance of biodiversity conservation through our original products.

Our main product is the timeless looseleaf schedule book.Each page reveals different Hong Kong plants and animals, accompanying you through every new day. The timeless and loose-leaf design can cater the learning habits of students flexibly, enabling them to strike a balance between work and relaxation.

Additionally, we offer keychains, files, and study planners that are also aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Let’s start this journey together to change our perception of Hong Kong! Follow our instagram @natura.hkja for more details about our products. Let us present the fascinating local species to you through our stationery.