B36 – Salvia, Shun Tak Fraternal Association Tam Pak Yu College


“Our products are designed to help customers go through “ The Five Stages of Grief ” ,and also face the difficulties at ease.

The image of Salvia , symbol of our company, is printed at the front of the cup. While inspiring sentence is printed at the back of the cup in order to remind customers to relax through drinking.

Price: $79


Materials: ceramic

Product features: useful and durable, establish positive values.

Mascot of Salvia , Risu ,is printed on the acrylic board .Hope that the light can warm and accompany you.

Price: $169


Materials: acrylic & plastic

Product features: cute design and sincere hope

Schedule book
The page design inside is useful and attractive.Our purpose is to help customers manage the time so that they can face the obstacles directly with sensible time management.

Price: $59


Materials: brown paper covered with glazed printing paper inside

Product features: special inpage design —you could write down and express your joy or sadness

Drop ornament
Squirrel Risu want to accompany customers at any time ,so it turns into a portable drop ornament to follow the customers day by day.

Price: $20


Materials: acrylic

Product features: two different designs , durable”