B14 – SofuNei , Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section)


Our product – the Pineapple Bun is a two-in-one plush cushion which strives to bring joy to your hectic lives. As its name suggests, the cushion exterior is a nod to Hong Konger’s beloved pineapple bun, with a detachable cow plush nestled inside as a wonderful surprise. Carefully designed with emphasis on its softness, our Pineapple Bun is made with high-quality materials, posing as an exceptional cuddling companion after a long day, or even an ideal ‘punching bag’ if you wish to blow off some steam. Besides being an excellent stress reliever, our cushion also provides exceptional support to the neck and back, so users can drift off into dreamland stress-free and without worries of potential sores. Our multifaceted Pineapple Bun cushion is an absolute must-have for all cow lovers and Hong Kong food enthusiasts, adding a pinch of cuteness and local culture to your living spaces. Don’t hesitate anymore, purchase your Pineapple Bun cushion by filling out the following Google Form: forms.gle/yWzdeFHi3LboAZEG9

– Diameter of the external pineapple bun = 35cm
– Length of the cow plush = 25cm

Price: $180/1
Shareholder price: $160/1

Materials used: Super-soft velvet and polypropylene cotton