B19 – StellarMind, Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School


Pin is mainly divided into e and i. e represents an extroverted person. The color of e is lighter because e people are usually active and like group activities, which makes them feel sunny. And i stands for introvert. The color of i is darker because i people prefer to be alone and not so social.

There are 16 Keychain models in total, each model represents 16 MBTI, and each model has a character corresponding to 16 MBTI.

There are 16 types of water bottles in total. MBTI is all made by us personally. It is unique and the stars on the water bottles match the style of our starry sky. Customers can also choose to make them themselves.

The color of the bracelet will be silver and the chain will be thicker, so it can be worn by both boys and girls. And we hope that every customer can have more choices, so our bracelets can be chosen with or without accessories.