B08 – Meraki, Open Track Team 5


Join us on a journey where creativity meets eco-friendliness with our recyclable pencils, notebooks and cards! All meticulously and skillfully designed by our product design team!

Here at Meraki, we are passionate about building good study habits and offering products that are not only beautiful, but also kind to the planet. Hence, we created a notebook that is made from recycled paper and seed paper that you can recycle or plant after finishing using it.

In addition, pair your notebook with our website that covers a range of study techniques and lifestyle tips, all available for free with just the clip of a button!

And don’t forget to explore our set of recyclable and plantable pencils, both of which can be customised if requested!

We also have a collection of cards that are made from recreated paper and are the perfect way to share your heartfelt messages while staying true to your eco-conscious values. They’re also available for colour too!

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With heart and soul, prevent the waste cycle. With heart and soul, let your creativity flow.